Blood is not water – Bloody portraits by Ludek Rathousky.
Portrait painted by the blood of the portrayed person.

Why should I have a blood portrait?

The main objective of a portrait nowadays and in history was to capture not only the person image, but also to express his/her position in society and, if possible, highlight the character features. Today film and photography are capable of doing this. However, the portrait painted by blood of the portrayed person is more than only a portrait it keeps track of the genetic profile for the future generations. If science develops so dynamically the reading of the DNA in future will be common like watching TV in our homes. In addition, you can already use DNA analysis to determine your origin and place where your ancestors came from.

What is the procedure?


1st Shooting. First, it is necessary to get a good quality image, which will be followed by a portrait painting. On a personal visit in our atelier the photo will be taken.

2nd Blood sampling. The portrayed person is placed under the medical supervision of a sample of 6 ml of blood. This blood is stored in a special cooling box and treated with heparin, and to avoid any precipitation. Then the painting is done by using a special spray tool, all under strict sanitary measures. Also unused material is professionally disposed of as biological waste.

3rd Painting portrait. Portraiture itself is a very demanding and time-consuming task, requiring great skills in addition to painting with a great deal of diligence and patience. The finished portrait is than framed so not to expose to the adverse effects of the environment.


What is the Price?

We will send you the price for the portraiture in response to our clients request.

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