10/07/2005 11:13
  It is usual to record the performance without additional aesthetic filters, if possible, objectively and accurately. Nevertheless some performance are becoming a legend. They are spreaded, everyone adds something, and suddenly Schwarzkogler cuts penis, someone jumps from the top windows of...
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MgA. Luděk Rathouský

Bloody portraits - Blood is not water

A portrait is the imprint of a human being in time, extending its visual presence. It is an irrational need makion on indelible imprint on preserving memory. Portraits nowadays are quite a common image and we can see them in many forms. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, scientists discovered how to read the genetic code and make the reading of DNA technology available to the general public. This makes it possible to add other unique information about the person on the portrait as well as the biological information. The unique composition of the blood is suitable for the painting.