Exibition "Nový obsah starých mistrů"

17/12/2011 18:00
We invite you to opening of the exibition in the Galerie u Klicperů in the Klicpera Theatre Hradec Králové. The opening will start 17 December 2011 at 18:00. The exibition will run until 16 February 2012. Luděk Rathouský   Exhibition at Gallery U KLICPERA presents Rathousky´s latest art work....

Exhibition Antithesis of Paynting

25/09/2011 17:17
We would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition laureate Award of critics and guests called the antithesis of painting, which will be held on Tuesday 20 September 2011at 18:00 hours in Galerie kritiků. We are looking forward to your visiting Galerie kritiků  


05/04/2011 13:28
Gallery Louvre Date: April 6, 2007 - May 31, 2007 Success of today picture depends on the well-chosen topic and its administration. Rathouský this constraint programmatically denies by its own approach to work. It is consistent and spontaneous in the compulsive need to record the mental states of...

Exibition "Strach bílého muže"

24/11/2010 00:00
Place: Galerie kritiků Emptiness is the absence of important or vice versa unnecessary overkill. The empty words may be transformed into a thousand repeated phrases. Empty would be to call the exhibition Horror vacui. According to Aristotle, nature does not allow a void, because it is afraid....

Ostrov včerejšího dne

14/09/2009 09:55
  Ludek Rathouský (* 1975) is essentially a painter. Although he is also interested in conceptual way of working, in this area are primary the emotion for him. With its distinctive style he left classic painting techniques - instead of a brush formed on the canvas with stencils and...

Prague biennale 4

14/05/2009 10:34
  Installation called Seven nights eighth day, the work is made ​​directly to the exhibition "White paper black bride", by curator tandem Edith Jeřábková, Jiří Kovanda at the fourth Prague Biennale. Round cut out of glass wool (waste of Rafani exhibition in 2007) is served as a metaphor of...
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MgA. Luděk Rathouský

Bloody portraits - Blood is not water

A portrait is the imprint of a human being in time, extending its visual presence. It is an irrational need makion on indelible imprint on preserving memory. Portraits nowadays are quite a common image and we can see them in many forms. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, scientists discovered how to read the genetic code and make the reading of DNA technology available to the general public. This makes it possible to add other unique information about the person on the portrait as well as the biological information. The unique composition of the blood is suitable for the painting.