Exibition "Strach bílého muže"

24/11/2010 00:00

Place: Galerie kritiků

Emptiness is the absence of important or vice versa unnecessary overkill. The empty words may be transformed into a thousand repeated phrases. Empty would be to call the exhibition Horror vacui. According to Aristotle, nature does not allow a void, because it is afraid. For what concerns the white man?
Our civilization is based on an antique - Christian principles, we read in many places. Rationality and the right of ancient Greece and Rome hand in hand with the ideals of the Ten single religion and spirituality. Today we live in a secularized society with dysfunctional legal system. The Catholic Church is pushed into the category of backward and obscurantist. From our vocabulary and reality fades and the phenomenon of "holiness" as such. In our need for a rational scientific explanation of the world no place for miracles or clear a priori good. Model coexistence transforms into categories strictly dictated by the media just for men - just for women. Need to be another special and unique falls into the era of endlessly repeating old movies. The minority becomes the majority; fight with veiled faces, strange symbols and minarets that rise higher than church steeples. In our own world lose confidence.
The white man has perhaps especially fear of oneself. It also represents a proxy category for members of our civilization in general. The present can not be separated from the past as well as the company from its context. As members of a culture share common elements, without which we will be unable to adequately exist within. We are still only descendants of their ancestors; understand most of their symbols, although some perceive reality differently. It therefore makes sense for us to return or reinterpretations of classic models? Borrowing the symbolic significance of a particular structure or means trying a new image and thus its update, whether real or quote only thought entity. Without it, without realizing where we belong, our fear of something real.


Kateřina Štroblová