Exibition in gallery Kvalitář - Hraniční polohy tradice 20.4. – 6.7. 2012

20/04/2012 11:10


Exhibition and sale gallery Kvalitář invites you to the second such exhibition of contemporary art. The four artists Luděk Rathouský (* 1975), Ondčej Brody (1980), Benedikt Tolar (* 1975) and Jonah Rosůlka (* 1986) introduce their dialogue, the common theme is interested in destructive power, and the relationship to the past.

These projects of four artists interested in linking tradition to which the precision approach of its own. Building on the history of painting, sculpture and decorative accessories can be viewed as the contact area otherwise entirely different artistic direction. Decadent furs for interior from Ondrej Brody reminiscent of trophies acquired during colonial roads in the 19th century. Instead tiger or bear skins, which we know from the castle rooms, you can buy to your living room fur from pet - dog or cat. The Brody is part of the work shift of an object, which in the past had an ambition to be an art for free art. Different strategies chosen by Ludek Rathouský that follows the line of art history when traditional oil painting method uses the language of today.

Layering and fingerprints characteristic of medieval paintings painters used to capture minimalist objects, rich colors and their demanding processing reminds constructivist vision. The sampler represent files related to the notorious medieval altar. Group of sleeping people and three birds location in geometric space is a direct paraphrase of the Mount of Olives Master of the Trebon Altar.

A different approach selected third exhibiting Benedikt Tolar and his background is somewhat different from the first two of these. The author focuses on working with objects of daily use, those which we overlook and do not pay them any attention. Found objects Tolar modifies and beautifies. This gives esthetic already unusable objects new mission, which is to return to the home environment.

Outside but still in a logical follow-up is a video by student of the University of Applied Arts Jonah Rosůlka. Mysterious view of the landscape in which we look into the mysterious and yet utterly real environment abandoned military base.