Ostrov včerejšího dne

14/09/2009 09:55
Ludek Rathouský (* 1975) is essentially a painter. Although he is also interested in conceptual way of working, in this area are primary the emotion for him. With its distinctive style he left classic painting techniques - instead of a brush formed on the canvas with stencils and spray cans.
As for the themes in his work deals with a display of details and situations of everyday life. These "everyday" but in his paintings and drawings transformed based on their emotions and memories into scenes that other viewers may seem unusual, bizarre or disturbing. He selects the subjectsof  experienced scraps - sitting with friends after work dinner, airshow display or performances made by so paradoxically deny themselves. Selects the nuances of which forms the main topic. Difficult portable emotions in the other transforms into a feeling of personal nature, arising from their own social experience.
Exibition "Ostrov včerejšího dne" combines all these elements into one. The typical motifs here Rathouský slightly transformed, which gives them another dimension and substance. Television as a companion of loneliness here is not bitter source of entertainment, but almost meditative connection of water flow and wax. The focus is gradually shifting to personal banalities, intimate allegations of domestic concerns, secretly recorded on light bulbs. Living in the world takes place at the level of ideas and numbers. Seven, twelve, nine, six. One head for thinking and understanding, the two futile attempts at compromise. 
The apparent impossibility indiviuálního initial understanding is your key just in that personal uniqueness. For private labyrinths may have some common alley.
Kateřina Štroblová