Prague Biennale 2013

02/07/2013 09:42


In the freight station Žizkov will show Prague Biennale of Contemporary Art. It will last from 6 June 2013 to 15 September 2013, and again attempts to introduce domestic audience current artistic trends, particularly in central Europe, but also worldwide.

The main point of the Prague Biennale, founded ten years ago by Helena Kontová and Giancarlo Politi - publishers of the famous art magazine Flash Art, is traditionally Expanded Painting section, focuses on contemporary painting. Among the 25 authors representing the Czech scene Helena Hladilová, James Nepraš and Ludek Rathouský.

A special section at the Biennale are also Czech and Slovak section, but both already include foreign authors. Organizers pay special attention to photography, part of the Biennale is the third time this year Prague Biennale Photo. This year is called Photography, Reconstructed and was curated by Pavel Vančát.

The exhibition aims to capture the current non-figurative tendency, which responds to ending the era of modern photography. Instead of merely capturing a photo, exposure to the contrary, they often work directly with the deconstruction and reconstruction of the photographic image. Picture is not captured, but built as image comment or even criticism. Among the selected artists from the Czech Republic are required Václav Kopecký, Margaret Othová, Jaroslav Rössler and George Thýn.