Rafani - "O rovnosti"

28/03/2013 10:55

Rafani: "The fact that our request is formulated outside the normal political debate does not mean that it ceases to be a requirement. Exposures do not understand art as a direct shaping reality, but as a symbolic struggle, which the company refers in an attempt to reshaping its mirror image. "

Czech art group Rafani was established in 2000 to strictly laid down by democratic rules. Rafani have set a clear direction and definition to them in the near time to apply. Reflection pervades all topics which Rafani deal - Sudetenland without history, the relationship between Germans and Czechs, new Asian population, the issue of nation and culture, etc.
In 2002 they took part in Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia for a year. Coherently with social problems constantly monitor changes in culture and the arts. They did not present their own opinion, but they believed in the power of the built contrary. Actions should often demonstrative form with a subsequent reaction media.
After about five years of Rafani ceased to be satisfied with the dominance of the conceptual part of their work, and in 2006 renounced the written text as too ideologically charged and determinative factor. Blotted out all their own lyrics and direction to history. More strongly focused on the visual metaphor and self introspection. In 2011, they made ​​their first documentary feature film 31 over 31 starts.
Exhibition prepared by a group Rafani for BWA Wrocław in one plane shows general principles and methods of political behavior and the power struggle and the Polish public is more specific cross-section of groups with a whole new choreographic works.