10/07/2005 11:13


It is usual to record the performance without additional aesthetic filters, if possible, objectively and accurately. Nevertheless some performance are becoming a legend. They are spreaded, everyone adds something, and suddenly Schwarzkogler cuts penis, someone jumps from the top windows of a tower block to a white screen. Painting can also be coarse, straight, vulgar, like pub chatter, specifically chosen composition moves some aspects at the expense of others, others suppressed. Painting as a source of information about something other than painting is about the same information as in the lobbies of Fine overheard description of the performance, exhibition, gossip. However, even in the area briefly overheard information, on the other hand absorbed knowledge is possible to obtain the reasons for creating your own works. Performance may thus be a reason for painting as well as painting the reason for organizing the exhibition and the reason or a means of personal or social, public or unintelligible terms. The reasons are as numerous as the causes, the possibilities could be endless, though who knows.