Exibition "Nový obsah starých mistrů"

17/12/2011 18:00

We invite you to opening of the exibition in the Galerie u Klicperů in the Klicpera Theatre Hradec Králové.

The opening will start 17 December 2011 at 18:00.

The exibition will run until 16 February 2012.

Luděk Rathouský


Exhibition at Gallery U KLICPERA presents Rathousky´s latest art work. Ideologically and artistically processed gothic images and visual information. The first set of processed medieval panel paintings by the Master Vyšebrodský altar, one of the most important personalities of Czech Gothic art. Shrine displays nine themes from the life of Jesus Christ from birth to resurrection. Rathouský of the boards took over the composition, the individual characters, only the shape of bloodstains, and using complex techniques of templates created entirely new works. This cycle called proof of the fact Vyšebrodský master, which links the symbolism is well illustrated.

Since the reflection theme of blood and its similarities to his attention shifted to ornament decoration background and variations of gold stamping. It uses the technique of its typical, roller pattern embossed into the color layer. After the Master Vyšebrodská Rathouský focused on other Gothic altar painting cycles - Master Litomerice and Křivoklát. In recent works have left the original author, creates a monumental Gothic-inspired ornamental compositions. Like the author in old paintings reflected his own iconography as proved by the name - The new contents of the old masters. Rathousky´s painting is monumental, juicy and its Gothic beauty of the animal cool. Inspired by history, but the remote anachronism, ornamental, but not superficially decorative, generous, but no megalomaniac.

On Rathousky´s paintings, a kind of connecting link between the past and the present, very well shows how artistic imagination beyond the boundaries of space and time.